A Tale of Two Moms (and How They Lost a Combined 70 Pounds in 7 Months)

That magic time in a mom’s life comes differently for all women. That moment when you’re finally fed up enough with the baby weight to kick it to the curb, for once and for all.

For Karen Orenbach, that moment came in January 2015, two and a half years after the birth of her second child, and for Barinder Kaur, it happened in October 2014, just weeks after delivering her second child.

Like all moms struggling to get rid of stubborn baby weight, Karen and Barinder were feeling badly about themselves.

Karen’s Story

Karen has long been a self-confessed muncher. She loved to eat sweets and potato chips, but she was sick of feeling like garbage. She’d put on weight with both of her pregnancies and she wasn’t feeling good about herself. She knew she was going to have to change her habits.

“I had no energy and I wasn’t sleeping well. I was basically sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin,” Karen explains, “so I reached out to Sherry Thacker for some help.”

She started with a 90-minute bootcamp style spin class.

“I could barely walk for a couple of days, but I survived it,” she says.

She stuck to it. This wasn’t going to be another failed attempt to get healthy. She was finally serious about making a change in her eating habits and to overhaul her entire lifestyle. That involved exercising three to four times per week, doing obstacle course training, running, spin class, and bootcamp-style workouts.

Sherry gave Karen advice about how to get her eating under control, and even though she was nervous of giving up the sugar and starches, Karen stuck with the plan Sherry presented. She worked out with Sherry three to four times per week and ended up in a strict routine she has not deviated from. In four months, she had lost 30 pounds.

“I feel so proud of myself,” Karen says. “I’m now going out and buying dresses and other things I would never have worn before. I owe a big part of my accomplishment to Sherry. Her support, her motivational messages and her devotion have been key. I don’t think I could have done this without her.”

Karen will complete the difficult 5km Spartan obstacle race this summer, which was one of her big goals when she started on her health and wellness journey.


Barinder’s Story

Barinder Kaur will also be competing in the Spartan race this summer. Barinder has a similar story to Karen’s. With each of her two children, Barinder had gained 50 pounds. She weighed 187 pounds at her heaviest, after giving birth to her second child, and she knew she wanted to lose the weight and be done of it.

“I was frankly tired of being fat and feeling bad about myself,” Barinder says. “So the minute I had my doctor’s approval after my baby was born, I decided to start an exercise regime of some sort. I was going to see Sherry Thacker for a massage, and while I was there, I learned that she was a personal trainer. I thought I’d give her a shot ’cause I had nothing to lose.”

Spin classes were the perfect fit for Barinder, because she was able to bring her baby with her and set him up in his car seat next to the spin bike.

“Being a mom herself, Sherry was not bothered at all by having a crying infant in the room. That was helpful!”

In addition to her work with Sherry, Barinder started working with a dietician and through diet and exercise was able to lose 40 pounds in seven months. Barinder had long had a goal of getting back down to her wedding weight of 130 pounds, so she was thrilled when she tried on her wedding gown at her new weight of 145 pounds to discover it fit.

“I was in tears because my wedding dress fit me perfectly! I lost fat and gained muscle!” Barinder says. She adds, “If it wasn’t for Sherry I would not feel as strong and toned as I do now. And I’m focusing on feeling strong, not being skinny. Like Sherry says, you’re not doing it for today or tomorrow, you’re doing it forever. I don’t ever want to go back to looking and feeling like crap.”

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