How to Eat Properly and Stay Fit While Attending a Networking Conference

I’m an entrepreneur. I understand how important networking is for your business. Having attended networking conferences, I know just how jam-packed your schedule can be.

When you’re meeting and networking with hundreds of other business owners, your health and fitness aren’t always your first priorities. But they should be.

It’s easier than you think to stay fit and eat healthily when you’re attending a networking conference.

Make The Time

Squeezing in some training time is as easy as avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs, instead. If you’re wearing a FitBit, up your target… set a goal to hit 15,000 steps each day.

Put down your phone and head outside during your lunch break for a walk. Better yet, put together a team of 45 people from the new connections you’ve made and schedule early morning (pre-event) or evening (post-event) walks outdoors. I call them “Networkouts”!

Planning Is Key

When it comes to eating healthily, planning in advance is key.

Stop by the grocery store on your way in and grab some fresh fruits, veggies, and a few healthy organic protein bars and snacks. Nuts are a great protein-rich snack to help curb your carb cravings.

Sometimes, before the event, you’ll receive a menu of what they’ll be serving. If you can plan your meals in advance, do it.

Try to avoid carbs, especially in the morning, as they fog your brain. Instead, stick to healthy fats and proteins. And when the afternoon fatigue set is, grab an apple.

Try This Simple Routine

The events aren’t just about networking. There’s so many great learning opportunities, as well.

Make sure you’re getting as much sleep as you can at night, so you’re alert and ready to learn.

Taking fish oil in the morning is also a great brain power boost.

Ginseng and Rhodiola are two other supplements that are great for brain power and mental performance. Rhodiola is great for improving memory… and we all know how many dozens of names you’re trying to remember!

If you’re experiencing information overload, get outside in the sunlight to help ignite your brain.

Taking short breaks to walk to the bathroom a few times throughout the day also helps refresh your brain.

What About Happy Hour?

I know that by the end of the long day, everyone is ready for one thing… happy hour. It’s one of the best opportunities to network.

But you don’t need alcohol in hand to network.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to avoid alcohol. It dehydrates you, leads to brain fog the next day, triggers poor sleep, and contributes to weight gain and sluggishness.

Order a glass of water with lime, instead.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Staying fit and eating properly throughout the week will ensure that you’re at the top of your game.

You’re attending this event to grow yourself professionally and to grow your business.

Staying fit and eating properly throughout the week will ensure that you’re at the top of your game.

It takes only a little extra effort and it will go a very long way in bettering you, your health, your network, and your business.


Sherry ThackerSherry Thacker is a highly sought-­after health and fitness expert, personal trainer, online health and fitness coach, and motivational speaker. She works with individuals one-­on-­one as well as large multi-national companies to help her clients build better, healthier, more vibrant lives.

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