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Naturotherapy and massage therapy receipts available for appropriate services.

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Massage Promotions

New Client Promo

3 x 60 minute sessions
$159.99 + tax

A Welcome Promotion to all new clients who are coming to visit us for the first time. You may enjoy treatments such a Swedish, Prenatal, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. This is a one time purchase per person.

Spring Massage Promotion

3 x 60 minute sessions
$164.99 plus tax

This package applies to ( Swedish, Prenatal, Deep and Therapeutic Massages ). This sale will expire by the fall, so don’t delay and pick up this package today! A maximum of 2 purchases of this promotion per family.

A Lover’s Day

2 x couples 60 minutes
$179.99 + tax

Relax in our secluded Hot Tub for a 20 minute soak. Dry in the sun in our sun chairs while sipping a class of champaign, eating chocolate strawberries. You’ll be met by our massotherapists for your romantic couples massage.

Combo Packages

Spa & Studio Pack

3 x 60 minute massages
12 x all access class pass
$378.99 + tax

This is a great package for someone who wants to join our classes once per week over a 3 month period and to enjoy a relaxing Swedish Massage once per month. These class passes give you access to any class on the schedule.

Full Body Treatment Package

Price coming soon…

The perfect full body treatment! Come and have a great workout with fun positive people during one of our fitness classes. After burning up the muscles, take a relaxing 20 minute soak in our private, secluded hot tub…

Healthy 10 Pack

7 x personal training sessions
3 x 60 minute massages
$598.99 + tax

7 Personal Training Sessions with 3 Massages of your choice makes this package ideal for someone who wants to treat their body right.

60 & 90 minute massages


$60.00 + tax for 60 minutes
$85.00 + tax for 90 minutes

Swedish Massage : A swedish massage is a relaxing massage. The goal is to allow the body to unwind and sooth.

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Deep Tissue

$70.00 + tax for 60 minutes
$90.00 + tax for 90 minutes

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on penetrating the deep layers of your muscles and connective tissue.

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$70.00 + tax for 60 minutes
$90.00 + tax for 90 minutes

Therapeutic Massage: This type of massage is best for clients with particular discomforting conditions, such as headaches, migraines …

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Prenatal Massage

$60.00 + tax for 60 minutes
$85.00 + tax for 90 minutes

Pregnancy massages can relieve your tension, calm your spirit, soften your skin, reduce the feeling of heavy legs and sore hips, encourage better breathing …

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Chair Massage

$20.00 + tax for 15 minutes
$35.00 + tax for 30 minutes

Chair Massage is a workplace-friendly style of massage that increases productivity, positive energy, creativity, morale and motivation!

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Mobile Massage

$85.00 + tax for 60 minutes
$100.00 + tax for 90 minutes

Your time is precious; our team brings massage and holistic health services to you. We eliminate the hassles of appointment scheduling …

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Massage Packages


$329.99 + tax for 6 Pack
$599.99 + tax for 12 Pack

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

$389.99 + tax for 6 Pack
$719.99 + tax for 12 Pack

Couples Massage

2×60 minute Couples Massage

$119.99 + tax

Personal Training

Personal Training

$60.00 + tax for per hour

Are you a beginner in need of guidance starting your exercise program? This one-hour counselling session is designed to help you develop or re-evaluate your current fitness program.

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Couples Training

$42.50 + tax per person

Our couples and group training programs are always designed to fit all fitness levels. Along with your own specific training program, we include exercises that can be done in pairs and in small groups  …

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Mobile Fitness

$85.00 + tax

Pure Health mobile personal training helps you find your focus and concentrate on your training program free from distractions. Never feel self-conscious about strangers watching you workout

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Group Training

$35.00 + tax for 2-3 people
$35.00 + tax for 4-6 people

Small Group Training offers a unique opportunity to explore a new dimension of fitness by merging Group Fitness with Personal Training.

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Prenatal Fitness & Nutrition

$65.00 + tax 

Personal Training Sessions are well-suited to women who have completed a Prenatal Fitness Consultation or who already feel confident in their knowledge around exercise and pregnancy, but want a Certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist to design …

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Health Consultation

$60.00 + tax for each additional

Our FREE 60 minute health consultation is here to help. We are not trying to sell you in this hour, we are trying to EDUCATE.

First Time? Click Here

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Studio & Corporate Classes

Corporate Fitness Classes

$150.00 + tax per session

Step away from your desk at lunch time for a light, low impact workout. In this class you will stretch to increase flexibility, work with the med ball to sculpt your muscles, build strength in your core to …

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Lunch n Learn

$150.00 + tax per session

Join us over lunch as we discuss a variety of nutrition and fitness challenges you face everyday! In the hour we touch on nutrition. Understanding how the body was designed to function.

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Online Personal Training

$49.99 + tax per session

Train online via Skype, FaceTime, Smart Phone or Tablet. Pure Health is here to help you from anywhere in the world. Whether you are an existing client on a business trip, or a www surfer looking  …

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All access pass

Drop in Rate = $20.00

Click to Purchase



$29.99 + tax for 30 mins

Here we will take your before and after pictures, measure 14 points with a tape measure and use a brand new technology …

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6 Pack Measurements

$149.99 + tax for 6 sessions

Track your full measurements tape, SKULPT and pictures over 6 sessions. Either weekly or monthly or you choose the frequency.

Hot Tub

$20.00 + tax for 20 mins

Enjoy a nice soak in our outdoor Hot Tub for 20 minutes in complete privacy. A perfect conclusion to any workout or just before a nice long relaxing massage. The ultimate in treating your body right!


Well meeting you opened my eyes on ME. You showed me that I am worthy to allow the hidden healthy me to come out. Nothing or no one ever impacted my life as you did at that first meeting.
Sylvie Theroux
A professional trainer who is instrumental in helping one achieve their fitness/lifestyle goals and rise to personal achievements of no return. Should one choose such an incredible path of self awareness, this is the trainer for you and your family .
Carole Quesnel
On behalf of the Maisliner Team, I want to express our gratitude for the corporate“Lunch & Learn” seminar you hosted at our company last Wednesday. You made our experience positive and I must say it was easy and pleasurable to work with you. Not only did you kick-off our Biggest Loser Challenge in a special way, but many of our employees were inspired by your personal story and success. A few employees said that they learned a lot and already started making small changes in their lifestyle. Everyone is still talking about it! I must admit that you left us wanting more and will definitely keep 100% Pure Health in mind when we need a group/boost in the future. Once again, thank you for making a difference in the way we feel about our health and well-being.
Carmen Lemieux
Human Resources Manager / Maisliner
Being able to train with her in her new studio, changed everything for me. Now I train an average of 7 hours a week and I can’t remember when I was this slender and in such a great shape – in my 20ish maybe. This is an homage to Sherry, my sweet, tough, beautiful, hard working, big hearted, considerate, encouraging, soul-sister and family.
Gitte Gadbois
She is a great life coach not only yelling at us to push ourselves and find our inner strength either to keep up in class, or up a hiking trail, she is a compassionate human being that is making me want to be a better person both physically and mentally. If you have not booked your assessment, do so. It will impact your life in a positive way. She is very knowledgeable and selfless.
Valerie Rzasa
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sherry. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, health, nutrition and all around well-being. She is fantastic trainer and motivator who pushes you to go past all your limits and work harder to attain your goals, all while making you smile!
Sacha De Rubeis