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Montreal Massage Services Massage therapy goes beyond relaxation, our massages are exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

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Pure Health Massage

Professional massage therapists who know how to help relax and heal your body. Offering services both mobile and in our calm and tranquil massage rooms, select from a variety of therapeutic treatments such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Therapeutic, and Private or Corporate Chair Massage.

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Time to relax and reconnect with yourself, relieve and release the stress in your body.


Increase blood and oxygen circulation, mend and repair muscles soreness and pain.


Sink into tranquility and release anxiety, depression or ailments stored in your body


The time you need to take care of your body, mind and soul for the goodness of your health


Wow! Feeling on top of the world!!! If anyone is looking for in an incredible massage experience, I would highly recommend Sherry Thacker! I just had my first massage with her and it certainly won't be my last!!! She has a beautiful room in her home, the softest bedding, a heating pad, and bonus...she uses the most amazing essential oils as an extra little bonus! Thank you so much Sherry you really just made my day!!!!
Gemma Parker
Honestly I am an experienced massage conesour. ......I have at least 11 to 12 a year. .....I have never in all my years experienced such an exceptional relaxing massage. Sherry uses every form of relaxing technique in the book. From different aromatherapy oils to heated massage table to reflexology....to deeper pressured Swedish. .....you name it .....her best quality is that she can anticipate your wants before you even know u want them...no joke.....I never write reviews and I'm hesitant of posting this one in fear that u all just might try her and become as addicted to her massages as I am and their will be no.more appointments left for me.lolol....all to say I just purchased 2 more massages and I am sending my hubby their on Monday. ....for an all-inclusive relaxing session for your mind. ..soul and body .......look up my massage guru. ...Sherry Thacker. She also does insurance receipts and excepts cc at her studio. Bonus!!!
James Danai Mitchell
On behalf of the Maisliner Team, I want to express our gratitude for the corporate“Lunch & Learn” seminar you hosted at our company last Wednesday. You made our experience positive and I must say it was easy and pleasurable to work with you. Not only did you kick-off our Biggest Loser Challenge in a special way, but many of our employees were inspired by your personal story and success. A few employees said that they learned a lot and already started making small changes in their lifestyle. Everyone is still talking about it! I must admit that you left us wanting more and will definitely keep 100% Pure Health in mind when we need a group/boost in the future. Once again, thank you for making a difference in the way we feel about our health and well-being.
Carmen Lemieux
Human Resources Manager / Maisliner
Well meeting you opened my eyes on ME. You showed me that I am worthy to allow the hidden healthy me to come out. Nothing or no one ever impacted my life as you did at that first meeting.
Sylvie Theroux
She is a great life coach not only yelling at us to push ourselves and find our inner strength either to keep up in class, or up a hiking trail, she is a compassionate human being that is making me want to be a better person both physically and mentally. If you have not booked your assessment, do so. It will impact your life in a positive way. She is very knowledgeable and selfless.
Valerie Rzasa
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sherry. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, health, nutrition and all around well-being. She is fantastic trainer and motivator who pushes you to go past all your limits and work harder to attain your goals, all while making you smile!
Sacha De Rubeis
Being able to train with her in her new studio, changed everything for me. Now I train an average of 7 hours a week and I can’t remember when I was this slender and in such a great shape – in my 20ish maybe. This is an homage to Sherry, my sweet, tough, beautiful, hard working, big hearted, considerate, encouraging, soul-sister and family.
Gitte Gadbois
A professional trainer who is instrumental in helping one achieve their fitness/lifestyle goals and rise to personal achievements of no return. Should one choose such an incredible path of self awareness, this is the trainer for you and your family .
Carole Quesnel