The Cost of Sacrificing Your Health

What are all of the things you’ve been sacrificing your health for? What are the things you’ve been putting first? I want you to think about everything and everyone that you’ve been making a priority over you and your health. What are the things you’ve been focusing on rather than taking time to exercise, eat right, and de-stress? I want you to ask yourself a hard question … Will those things be there when you die? Or more importantly, will they be there for you in the years leading up to your death?
Let’s think about those last 30 years of your life. If you’re lucky enough to live a long, healthy life, those last 30 years will be spent from age 60-90, or beyond! How do you plan to spend those last 30 years? Look at the people around you who are 60 years old. They’re aching and tired, dealing with disease, poor posture, brittle hair and nails, and many of them are struggling with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This isn’t how it has to be, though. This isn’t how your last 30 years should be spent. Aging does not have to look like this. This is all preventable! You can prevent this! You can make choices today that will affect your mental and physical health and well-being during your last 30 years.
So, who are the people you’ve been sacrificing your health for? I bet your list sounds like: boss, kids, and spouse. So, let’s ask ourselves the hard questions. Is your boss still going to be there in 15-20 years from now? What about your kids?  Or your spouse? So many of you are letting yourself go … putting your health on the back-burner and not giving yourself time to exercise and eat properly … and your excuse is your work, or your boss.
For many of us, our kids are another excuse for why we’re not taking care of ourselves and making our health a priority. One day your kids are going to be up and out of the house. They’re going to be living their own lives and doing their own things. Hopefully, you’ll have a great relationship with them and will see them often. But the truth is, they’re out of the house, living their own life, wherever that may be. And where are you? Sick, fat, and in a wheelchair. Unable to go and do and live because your health has deteriorated so badly. I want you to ask yourself another hard question: are you sacrificing their well-being for yours?
Let’s talk about your spouse. Are you so busy focusing on him/her that you’re unable to make time for you? We’re living in a world where people are changing husbands/wives like underwear. Hopefully, you live a long, happy marriage and this person will be there for you when you’re enjoying your last 30 years. But regardless, your body will be there. So, what kind of shape will your body be in? What type of physical health will you be in so that you’re able to enjoy those last 30 years with this special person?

We’ve all seen the videos on Facebook of 90-year-olds running marathons and doing things some 50-year-olds can’t even do. If you haven’t, you can watch this one! It’s possible. Living a long, healthy life well into your 80s and 90s is absolutely possible. It’s your choice!

We spend so much time learning how to use new technology, downloading the latest app, and reading about this or that on Facebook, but we don’t spend enough time learning how the body works and how to feed and work it properly. We spend so much time raising our kids and sacrificing our health for others, that we are too sick to enjoy the fruits of our labors in later years.
Sherry Thacker is a highly sought-­after health and fitness expert, personal trainer, online health and fitness coach, and motivational speaker. She works with individuals one-­on-­one as well as large multi­-national companies to help her clients build better, healthier, more vibrant lives.

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