Feng Shui Tips to Create a Peaceful Home

Creating a peaceful home and living space is very important to living an overall healthy, happy life. Your surroundings have a great impact on your sleep, stress, and anxiety. Today, I’m sharing 4 Feng Shui tips for creating a peaceful home that will help improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase happiness … all important factors to living a healthy life.

1. Bring Nature Inside

A Japanese study came out in the 90s about immune-boosting effects that come from being outside in nature! You can experience many of those same beneficial effects by bringing the outdoors in. Use essential oils, such as Evergreen and Cedar. Go for a hike and find a pretty log, some fragrant pine cones, or beautiful wildflowers and use them around your house as decor. Open your windows and doors and let that clean, clear air from outside circulate throughout your home. You will notice and feel the effects immediately! When you spend time near running water, you experience negative ions that give you that awake, aware, relaxed, and focused feeling. You can also experience that same effect indoors, away from running water, with a Negative Ion Generator. You can find one on Amazon for $20. Put it in your bedroom and turn it on several hours before you go to bed.

2. Use blue!

The color blue is a very calming and relaxing color. It’s considered to be very restful and can have a direct impact on your mood and stress level. Weave cool shades of blue throughout your house, starting with your bedroom. Starting with your bedroom will ensure you have one room in your house that’s calm and peaceful and all to yourself. Choose paintings with shades of blue, as well as quilts, duvets, pillows, and decor. You can even elicit the help of a designer to create this one room in your home that’s beautiful and tranquil. Create a space that makes you feel like you’re walking into a spa every time you enter the room.

3. Declutter & Deep-Clean!

Chances are, your house is piled with crap. Stacks in the corners, in the closets, in your garage. Throw it all out!! Too much stuff means too much time spent cleaning and organizing all of these things on a regular basis. And it just results in more stress and a cluttered, unpeaceful living space. Spend an entire weekend going through each room and getting rid of the stuff you don’t need and haven’t used in the last year. I also highly recommend doing a very deep clean of your house at least once a year. Clean everything … the couch, the carpet, the baseboards, the walls, the stairs. It’s extremely therapeutic. Once you’ve finished your de-cluttering, it’s the perfect time to do the deep clean. If you don’t have the time, pay someone to come in and do the cleaning for you. It’s an investment worth making.

4. Use essential oils!

There are so many essential oils that can help relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and give you those calming, relaxing feelings in your body. A few of my favorites are Lavender, Rose Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, and Jasmine. Sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before bed and around your home. Add a few drops to a humidifier and turn it on as you’re going to sleep at night. You can even add a few drops to your bath, which is a great way to wind down from the day before bed.

Sherry Thacker is a highly sought-­after health and fitness expert, personal trainer, online health and fitness coach, and motivational speaker. She works with individuals one-­on-­one as well as large multi­-national companies to help her clients build better, healthier, more vibrant lives.

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